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Positive Review

The book received early reviews by publications such as the Santa Fe Journal that described it as, “…a masterpiece and a real blueprint for young entrepreneurs to act upon.” The goal of the book is to inspire people to develop their own Automate and Grow Strategic Plan

Crucial Book’s Takeaways

Learn key technologies, tactics and plans that can
help you transform your business or industry

Automate & Grow Strategic Plan

A+G shows you a step by step way to create a custom digital strategy to transform how your business attracts, acquires and keeps customers

Apply Digital Tech to your Industry or Business

Grow by learning about the two tactics to shift customer demand towards your business and kick start the six stages of Disruption

Implement Software Automation to Grow

Use automated systems to scale Marketing, Sales, Customer Success and more.

Who is This Book For


These are the people who build our economy up and need sound advice.

Business Leaders

As powerful as the trend for creating startups is now, you’ve got to know exactly what to do.

Small Businesses

As far as I am concerned, even the best of the best need new sound advice.

Med Sized Businesses

With millions of those all across the US, I see it as my mission to help them succeed!

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Book Reviews

As opposed to book reviews done by professionals, these are the ones written by specific readers, who bought the book.

“Our goal is to free up time for our human capital to do more important work that is high value to customers and the business. Work that helps our business”. It is hands down the best blueprint for startups. I can’t stop after going through the first page. Taking notes for sure.

Raymond Avenido Robotic Surgery Coordinator Cedars Sinai Medical Center

I’ve been in technology for 20 years working on transformational projects that took processes and automated them. “Automate & Grow” eloquently says a story of success through automation and helps with the most common pitfalls. I highly recommend this book to all new tech people as well as the seasoned veterans. Looking forward to the…

Josh Goldfein President and Founder of Mercury Digital
Putting Your House in Order
  • Challenge of optimizing investment in marketing, sales, support and digital product service innovation
  • There may be someone disrupting your industry – is it you?
Don’t be afraid of change
  • Why your business might be resisting Automation and Growth.
Dancing with Robots
  • Embracing the Opportunity to Automate + Grow
Creating Your Automate and Grow Strategic Plan
  • How to decide what you will automate
  • What will make you grow
  • Creating a Strategic Plan
Marketing Automation
  • Growth hacking
  • Traffic and Conversion Plan
  • Adopting a Marketing Automation Platform
Building Out Your Sales Capability
  • Creating a Sales Playbook
  • What is CRM?
  • Adopting a CRM
  • Direct Sales vs E-Commerce
Post Sales Customer Interaction: Support, Service, and Success
  • Customer Success Roadmap
  • Customer Success vs Customer Service
  • Using Case Management
  • Create a proactive Customer Success function
Assembling Your Team
  • Internal Resources – Employees
  • Customers
  • Contractors, Consultants and Freelancers
  • Channel Partner
Taking Action: Implementing Your Automate and Grow Plan
  • You’ve got a team
  • You’ve got a budget
  • Begin your Automate + Grow Project

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