Automate and Grow provides businesses faced with the reality of the coming fourth industrial revolution a framework to innovate and automate product, marketing, sales and customer support.

I feel that this is the most import thing every business must address in the coming years. Digital technology is progressing now towards automated and autonomous digital technology.

This will impact every business and industry.

In order to get the message out and to develop new approaches and ideas I have decided to look for entrepreneurs and business people who agree with this general reality and are willing to help introduce this idea to their network of contacts.

To facilitate this I have created the Automate and Grow Founders group. This will be a closed group of people who will have the following benefits:

  • a free copy of Automate and Grow
  • access to our private Automate and Grow Founders LinkedIn Group
  • a community member forum that will contain exclusive video content, webinars as well as
  • a quarterly coaching/consulting call.

To join all I ask is that you agree to do three things:

  1. Leave a 5 Star Review of Automate & Grow on
  2. Share various FREE chapter, book and webinar offers from Automate and Grow via social media posts to your network on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from time to time
  3. Participate and contribute feedback and ideas from time to time to the group

That is it!

To join simply fill in the form here:

Your help and support of Automate and Grow is appreciated!