Episode 11 Phil K.James Bringing a Good Milkshake to the World via FB bots

Episode 11 Phil K.James Bringing a Good Milkshake to the World via FB bots

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In this episode we talk to Phil K. James the Chief Milkshaker of Good Milkshake Digital.

I have been scouring the Interwebs for weeks looking for someone, anyone who can talk knowledgeably about chat bots and I scored with this conversation with Phil.

Phil describes himself by stating that he helps people and companies sell more things. “I do it by converting conversations online to sales.”

As you can tell, Phil has a talent for getting to the heart of things and brings this clarity to his clients. We talk about how he provides leadership for his restaurant and small business clients by focusing on good story telling, creating great sharable content and leveraging social marketing.

This includes the use of the Facebook ad platform and the Messenger Bot API and platform. Phil gives us insights into how even for a local Iowa carpenter, this platform can be used to connect to real people and real customers. We also discuss two interesting software platforms that plug into the Facebook Messenger API Many Chat and Chat Fuel.

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