Episode 12 Virginie Glaenzer Soho Places

Episode 12 Virginie Glaenzer Soho Places

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Virginie Glaenzer is the CEO and Founder of New York based SoHo Places. Soho Places is a co-working space in New York’s Silicon Alley start-up community. SoHo places at it’s simplest is a coworking facility that operates on an almost on demand as needed basis for entrepreneurs.

Virginie however is far from a simple person. She has set forth on a unique entrepreneurial journey inspired by a book “I am Keats” by author Tom Asacker. In our discussion she reveals
– how she came to America to work in tech start-ups in Silicon Valley
– her surprising motivation for leaving San Francisco and moving to New York
– how SoHo places has a unique business model that retail landlords and hotels can leverage to counter dead space and trends around non-digital space
– her plans and work to bring the Soho Connect mobile app to life
– how she is fostering a way of doing business that allows freelancers to focus on their best work and leverage the SoHo Places community for everything else

It’s a very interesting discussion with some twists. I am also excited that SoHo Places will be hosting the first ever Founders Live New York February 28th, 2018

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I am Keats!

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