Episode 14: Johannes Waldstein using A.I. to power fan experiences in e-sports

Episode 14: Johannes Waldstein using A.I. to power fan experiences in e-sports

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My guest in this episode is Johannes Waldstein of fan.ai who have created a platform that uses big data and Artificial Intelligence to create loyalty and analytics around the tens of millions of e-sports fans in the world.

e-sports as I learned is a huge space that is only growing. This is basically a electronic sports industry built around the best video gamers in the world who compete in stadium and live streaming environments. They play the biggest block buster games head to head including real time strategy, fighting, professional sports video games and first person shooter game titles like NBA 2K, Overwatch, League of Legends to name a few.

fan.ai provides insight to sponsors into the demographics behind who the millions of fans are, what they do and want in the real world.

This is an example of a Los Angeles Silicon Beach based firm that is breaking new ground and finding a home outside of San Francisco Bay startup arena.

Johannes talks about how he is able to play in such a cutting edge technological space by forming start-up partnerships that compliment his business acumen with technical cofounders. We talk about the future of e-sports and how fan.ai has a future in more traditional sports.

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