Episode 15: Stephen Kane Bringing dispute resolution online with FairClaims

Episode 15: Stephen Kane Bringing dispute resolution online with FairClaims

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In this episode of the Automate and Grow podcast I chat with Los Angeles Silicon Beach entrepreneur Stephen Kane from FairClaims.

Ever had someone that owes you money? Ever have to go to small claims court?

Small Claims covers in most places disputes for under $25,000 and is a daunting dragged out process if you ever have tried. FairClaims works with some of the best next generation two sided marketplaces like Peerspace, Turo and HomeAdvisor to build in this process as a digital arbitration platform.

The process is much simpler, much faster and fair for all parties.

You will learn:

  • The inspiration for FairClaims.com
  • How Stephen launched a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) using a rather low tech web platform
  • How the process work
  • How Stephen validated his market
  • How her overcame various start-up challenges

Fairclaims has raised over $2.4Million to date and looks to have a bright future in both corporate and start-up America.

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