Episode 17 Dennis Mortensen Negotiating your calendar with the help of x.ai 's Amy and Andrew

Episode 17 Dennis Mortensen Negotiating your calendar with the help of x.ai 's Amy and Andrew

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In this episode of Automate and Grow we chat with entrepreneur Dennis Mortensen.

Dennis is the CEO and Founder of x.ai. He’s a pioneer and expert in leveraging Data and a serial entrepreneur who has successfully delivered a number of company exits on that theme.

Dennis’s long term vision of killing the inbox triggered the formation of x.ai and the creation of an artificial intelligence personal assistant to schedule meetings.

He’s an accredited Associate Analytics Instructor at the University of British Columbia, the Author of Data Driven Insights from Wiley and a frequent speaker on the subject of AI, intelligent agents, and the future of work. A native of Denmark, Mortensen currently calls New York City his home.

x.ai offer an effective and affordable Artificial Intelligence that acts as your personal booking assistant. the AI has a persona of either Andrew or Amy and they negotiate with your contacts to book your calendar in a super elegant manner.

Dennis has been working on x.ai since 2014 and has had four other notable ventures — three where they had successful exits including Indextools which was purchased by Yahoo! and Visual Revenue which was acquired by Outbrain (and eventually GM).

Dennis talks to us about

  • his entrepreneurial experience and journey
  • including the past almost four years of working on x.ai which solves a universal business problem with Artificial Intelligence
  • how they built and tested the x.ai solution
  • how they identified the correct market pricing
  • and more

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