Episode 21 David Feinman and Zach Media of Viral Ideas Marketing

Episode 21 David Feinman and Zach Media of Viral Ideas Marketing

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In this episode – the video is messed up!

Really sorry to David + Zach who we had a great interview with about their start-up journey with Viral Ideas Marketing.

The audio rocks though no real issues there, ironic that our split screen video would blot Zach out for much of the recording- given that these guys work with brands and businesses to produce amazing viral video content.

David also is involved and was referred by a previous guest David Markovich of Online Geniuses.

We talk about

  • When David and Zach met
  • how they craft content
  • their favorite campaigns
  • how they work together to grow their business

Check it out and get in touch with David and Zach at http://viralideamarketing.com/

Or join the https://onlinegeniuses.com/ Slack Community to connect with them and other excellent online marketers.

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