Episode 22 Dr.Stephen Barrie from Viome

Episode 22 Dr.Stephen Barrie from Viome

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In this episode I get to chat with Dr.Stephen Barrie from Viome. Naveen Jain the billionaire founder of both Moon Express and Viome introduced us. Dr. Barrie is a key piece to Viome.

During this interview among other things that blew my mind were

  • Only in the past five years has most disease been linked to our micro biome, inflammation and gut.
  • Dr. Barrie explains how our bodies desire for example to eat sugar is controlled by instructions from the micro biome to do so.
  • Headaches? He explains in details how ‘leaky gut’ syndrome caused by trigger foods were responsible for headaches and how the very pills we take to relieve pain cause a roller coaster of future pain

Viome was founded with the simple premise: What if illness could be elective? Dr. Barrie is currently an executive with Viome – the microbiome company that is determined to make chronic illness a choice.

Viome provides a home testing kit that is under $400 and several years ago cost $5000. Dr. Barrie explains how the sequencing technology that has enabled these breakthroughs can be traced to the human genome project.

Dr.Barrie has an auspicious background first of all that includes being a physician, entrepreneur, scientist, teacher and author who is passionate about the relationship of the microbiome to health and disease for over 25 years.

Dr. Barrie wrote some of the first modern papers on dysbiosis and leaky gut. He founded Genova Diagnostics (world’s largest Chronic Disease clinical laboratory) in 1986 in order to provide physicians and consumers with diagnostic tests that helped determine the causes of disease.

He also developed and commercialized some ground breaking clinical intestinal lab tests as well as the first Direct to Consumer lab tests sold in pharmacies and over the Internet.

Dr. Barrie is also a New York Times and LA Times bestselling author of several health books including “7 Day Detox Miracle”, “Energize Your Life” and numerous scientific articles, which have appeared in major medical journals including The Lancet, Agents and Actions and Medical Hypothesis.

For six (6) years Dr.Barrie talks about how he un-retired and headed to China assisting the Central Government in implementing Functional Medicine into the Chinese healthcare system. I think he said something about being a personal physician to Chairman Xi. (Pretty sure I didn’t imagine this.)

What is the micro biome? Dr.Barrie answers this and explains how Viome can test yours and provide recommendations that will potentially solve complaints such as:

  • Despite my dieting, I can’t maintain my weight
  • I can’t focus during the day
  • I’ve tried every beauty product, but I still struggle with my skin
  • I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.

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