Episode 23 Johnathan Gryzbowski of Penji.co

Episode 23 Johnathan Gryzbowski of Penji.co

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In this episode of Automate and Grow we talk to Johnathan Grzybowski who is the founder of Penji (LINK) and hosts his own podcast called Blind Entrepreneurship (LINK).


This is yet another excellent referral from the founder of Online Geniuses Slack Community. Both David Markovich and Dave Feinman independently nominated Johnathan to appear as a guest on Automate and Grow.

Penji is a fast growing start-up that provides unlimited graphic design for a fix monthly fee.

On this podcast we talk about how since October 2017 (we talk in April 2018) Penji has added 200 clients paying between $349-698 a month for unlimited designs.

This service is a new category of service as a service businesses that take from the utility pricing model of software as a service. In this episode you will learn:

  • How Penji was formed
  • How the product concept was validated
  • What growth and marketing tactics have allowed Penji to add significant revenue in a short time frame
  • Penji and Johnathan’s commitment to growing the economy of his community in Camden, NJ and to
  • A little about the blind entrepreneur podcast which I hope to be a guest on in the near future.

How to get in touch with Johnathan and Penji:


The Blind Entrepreneur Podcast





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