Episode 25: Ry Walker of Astronomer.io

Episode 25: Ry Walker of Astronomer.io

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This is somewhat of a milestone Episode of Automate and Grow because it is Episode …25.

I was fortunate enough to get to chat with Ry Walker from Astronomer.io. Astronomer are a data click stream company.

Uh what is that? Watch/listen and CEO Ry Walker explains how this solves a huge problem for businesses.

Well in order for your company to connect its data to data warehouse or service like Business Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence platform, you need to drop hidden code on your website, connect your data sources etc.. This slows down your ecommerce store, makes it a project every time you try to connect.

Astronomer.io fixes that problem particularly for any company worried about being eaten alive by Amazon (read: e-commerce websites).

Sounds like a big market and a big problem to me! In this Episode you will learn about

* the big problem Astronomer.io fixes
* How Ry started the company
* Astronomer’s big pivot to solve this particular customer problem
* How they sell and acquire new customers
* The unusual place in the USA that Astronomer operates in (hint: not a typical start-up city)
* How Astronomer is changing the world
* A great nomination that leads to a future episode we will air soon

How to connect with Ry Walker and Astronomer:


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