Episode 26: Jonathan Smith of Kai Coach

Episode 26: Jonathan Smith of Kai Coach

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According to a recent Gallup poll, 53% of all American adults want to lose weight. That’s over 110 Million people. Studies show that most people give up on a new fitness goal within five weeks of starting. Gym memberships, traditional personal trainers, and diet crazes are all failing to fix the core problem at the heart of fitness failure: people are lost, overwhelmed, confused, and fundamentally lack confidence in their ability to change.

This is where our guest Jonathan Smith’s start-up Kai Coach comes in.

Kai is a personal trainer. Entirely via text message. Through small daily interactions, Kai keeps his clients moving towards their fitness goals well beyond the point where most people get overwhelmed and give up.

Did we mention that Kai is an AI assisted personal trainer? This is a super interesting approach where there are humans sending messages as Kai Coach but all of them are using the wisdom of the Kai AI to deliver a personalized fitness success plan.

In this episode we learn about

  • Jonathan’s interesting degree that I had never personally heard of
  • How his time with a 28k person Mega Church helped his start-up scale
  • I learned more about Cincinnati and Procter and Gamble
  • How humans, texting and AI play together to deliver Kai.coach
  • How Kai and Jonathan are changing the world
  • A nomination for a great future Automate and Grow guest

and more

How to connect with Jonathan Smith and Kai Coach:




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