Episode 32 Derek Lundsten CEO of Scrimmage

Episode 32 Derek Lundsten CEO of Scrimmage

In this the first episode of the Automate and Grow podcast for 2019, we get off to a great start by talking with Derek Lundsten CEO of Scrimmage.

Scrimmage is a mobile learning platform that empowers learners through easily accessible, engaging and integrated L&D tools, driving improved employee performance and measurable business success.

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Derek in addition to being CEO of Scrimmage is an active startup advisor and provides insight from the trenches on lead and sales development, building teams and education which he his mission is to help revolutionize.

Scrimmage is mobile-first education platform that learns the styles and preferences of the learner. Scrimmage offers not only a current day alternative to corporate Learn Management Systems, but also a future platform for education.

We discuss his entrepreneurial journey

Story of how he grew scrimmage
The future of education and pubic schools
The value of Entrepreneurship Groups like Abundance 360
Derek makes two fantastic nominations for a future episode of Automate and Grow:

– Naveen Jain of Moon Express and Viome
– Joe De Sena founder of the Spartan Race