Episode 36: The Life of Millennial Entrepreneur Connor LaRocque

Episode 36: The Life of Millennial Entrepreneur Connor LaRocque

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Connor LaRocque is an author, millennial entrepreneur, agency owner and motivational speaker.

Connor is based in the nether region of the continent- Sudbury Ontario, Canada 4 hours North of Toronto.

And he’s still carving up his local market by catering to mining firms and other local businesses in his community.

He is the author of two books that he wrote while in school including Mindset is Everything and Life is Motivation.

Beyond that he offers us insights from a young entrepreneur who went the pivoted away from a traditional legal career towards starting and running a media, sales and marketing business.

In this episode we talk about

– the people Connor serves
– the problem they have
– role of education today vs entrepreneurial endeavors
– the people who motivate and inspire Connor
– Connor shares with us how he is changing the world
– he nominates a future guest Jay Duran

and more

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