Episode 41 Chris Chancey Amplio

Episode 41 Chris Chancey Amplio

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In this episode of the podcast I talk to Atlanta social entrepreneur Chris Chancey. Chris has figured out that there is a very misunderstood and overlooked workforce in America.


Chris Chancey has a fast growing employment agency called Amplio Recruiting. He is on a mission to help businesses tap into people who have emigrated to the United States as refugees seeking a more secure and prosperous way of life.

He is also the author of a book that is due in the Fall called The Refugee Workforce.

Chris shares with us

✅ The perception of employers towards refugees
✅ Why refugees are actually great workplace performers
✅ Industries that Amplio serves
✅ Problems they have that refugee employees are solving
✅ Chris shares his mission to change the world
✅ He nominates Justin Miller of Cure For AIDS as a future guest

and more

How to contact Chris

Team Member Highlight: Chris Chancey, Founder & CEO


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