Episode 51 Alix Walker Brand Maven on Scaling through systems

Episode 51 Alix Walker Brand Maven on Scaling through systems

My guest on episode 51 is Alix Walker. Alix is the founder of The Brand Agency.

Alix and I met at Joe Soto’s Marketing Agency Mastermind where she spoke in January.

Alix has taken action to automate three functions in her business- to free her time working on things she loves.

That is she has created processes around

✅ outreach
✅ project management
✅ accounting

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As a result she has successfully scaled her Lafayette Louisiana agency and is a model Automate & Grow citizen 😉

The Brand Agency is a full-service digital marketing and consulting firm built for the now. Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We tailor marketing and branding strategies based on individual needs. Elevate your brand, dominate your online presence, and attract your ideal clientele with The Brand Agency.

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