Episode 52 Kyle Lacy Battle Cards & The Importance of Practice

Episode 52 Kyle Lacy Battle Cards & The Importance of Practice

Kyle Lacy is ‘obsessed with how technology influences and ultimately changes human behavior.’

As the Vice President of Marketing for Lessonly, Kyle has advocated for both outbound sales development and recruiting to be under marketing in an organization.

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Lessonly implores customer facing teams to “Do Better Work”

In this episode of Automate and Grow Kyle talks about

✅ how practice does make for effective learning
(you thought I was going to say ‘perfect’)
✅ who Lessonly serves
✅ Kyle’s idea about Dungeons & Dragons-like Battle Cards
✅ the three books Kyle has authored including two in the “Dummies” series
✅ the non-tech city where yet another tech company has emerged
✅ Kyle nominates a future guest who we are excited to meet

How to contact Kyle and Lessonly:

Better Team Learning with Training Software by Lessonly


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