Matt Barnett, Bonjoro and the Power of Personalized Video

Matt Barnett, Bonjoro and the Power of Personalized Video

In this Episode we meet Matt Barnett co-founder of Bonjoro.

Affectionally known as Papa Bear, he is not above dressing in a bear costume to personify what he is all about.

Matt’s company Bonjoro, is evangelizing and providing a tool that empowers people in business to automate processes but never relationships.

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Bonjoro built the world’s first Customer Delight platform to help great teams build real relationships with their customers at scale. We talk to Matt about:

👍How Bonjoro was originally developed as their own customer success hack

👍How the company’s new SaaS personalized video platform tripled response rates

👍The future of 1:1 communication in business vs. today’s automated email marketing approach and more!

Two years later thousands of businesses across the world use Bonjoro to spark meaningful conversations and powerful, lasting relationships with their customers too.

And the journey has only just begun.

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