Zack Miller - Says Do This to Stand Out From The Crowd

Zack Miller - Says Do This to Stand Out From The Crowd

How do you stand out from the bazillions of other brands and ads in the digital marketplace?

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According to our guest on this episode of Automate & Grow is you need to Be An Anomaly to turn heads and be memorable.

Appropriately Zack Miller is the author of the book Anomaly, partner in digital creative strategy agency Hatch and the host of the Zack Miller Says podcast that yours truly appeared on.

We chat about

👍Is promoting yourself being cocky?

👍Are we all media companies?

👍How many times a day should you release content?

👍How one Hatch client leveraged Meetup to grow their brand

👍How to create repeatable client acquisition processes.

👍Zack nominates an interesting guest

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