Linda Bennett Makes You The Shiny Object

Linda Bennett Makes You The Shiny Object

Will copywriting make or break your brand?

Are you the Shiny Object?

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In a world of distraction, we often hear about how Shiny Object Syndrome distracts us to no end.

In this episode of the Automate & Grow podcast, my guest Linda Bennett breaks down how great copy can make you that Shiny Object.

Linda is a professional copywriter, founder of Shiny Object Marketing and expert on creating copy that sells.

For advertising, landing pages, web sites and all of the stuff that tells your company’s unique story in a way that pops and stands out in a crowded marketplace.

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We discuss:

👍Why you Want to Be the Shiny Object That Attracts All the Attention

👍What is the main challenge of copywriting?

👍How to create great copy the Sells

👍Examples of thought leaders to learn from in the Copywriting World

👍Linda nominates two exciting guests for future episodes of the podcast and more

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