Arabian Prince from NWA to VC

Arabian Prince from NWA to VC
You might know him as Processor X or Arabian Prince. Friends call him Rab. Kim Renard Nazel is a founding member of legendary hip hop pioneers N.W.A. along with Ice Cube, Dr.Dre and Eazy-E.

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He is also a noted futurist and venture capitalist who invests in artificial intelligence, esports and robotics start-ups. In this episode we talk about his work in music and technology. 👍Rab’s early early work in music with technology 👍His depiction in the movie Straight Outta Compton 👍The future of Rab’s investments 👍 How he is changing the world 👍We announce a future collaboration on Founder’s pack events 👍Rab nominates a great guest from the City of Garden Grove… and more…
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