Tim Alison says Screw the Naysayers!

Tim Alison says Screw the Naysayers!

You know him as the host of the Screw The Naysayers podcast.

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Tim is an irreverent figure who coaches winners and tells it like it is. His podcast has incredible guests on it including John Lee Dumas, Seth Godin and Jack Canfield. We previously had tim’s daughter social media expert Denise Alison on the podcast. Amidst the chaos of change spurred by the COVID 19 pandemic Tim offers an insightful view on

  • 👍How education will forever be changed
  • 👍What he and Jack Canfield agree upon
  • 👍The change all businesses need to make now
  • 👍Who Tim is spending time with
  • 👍How Tim is changing the world
  • 👍Tim nominates a great future guest

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