John Lee Dumas is Always on Fire

John Lee Dumas is Always on Fire

In this episode of the Automate and Grow Podcast my special guest is the legendary John Lee Dumas also known as JLD.

John Lee Dumas is a pioneer podcaster who has interviewed over 2000 guests. He has leveraged the phenomenal platform he built to help 1000s of entrepreneurs to build businesses and podcasts.

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John Lee Dumas is a pioneer in the podcasting space. 

He has built  Entrepreneur On Fire into a phenomenal enterprise with over 1 Million monthly listens. 

It is perhaps the first daily business podcast and John Lee Dumas has interviewed titans including  Tony Robbins, Barbara Corcoran, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

So after 2600 episodes what do we learn?

  • 🔥 Why JLD publishes a detailed income report every month
  • 🔥What John Lee would do today if he was starting from scratch
  • 🔥Why he moved to Puerto Rico
  • 🔥 His take on a recent $100M podcasting deal
  • 🔥 We conspire to get some of that Spotify money 💸💸💸
  • 🔥 JLD nominates the perfect guest for a future episode

And more! All packed into 15 minutes of busting action that only the Jordan of Podcacsting could and should be a part of.

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