Eva Chan is Helping Startups Launch with Pop

Eva Chan is Helping Startups Launch with Pop

My guest on this very crackly version (sorry) episode of the podcast is Eva Chan of LaunchPop.

At the age of 22, Eva joined Canada’s first beauty box subscription startup called, Luxe Box, as the creative director.

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After the sale of Luxe Box, she became the co-founder of Exact Media — An in-home sampling platform helping CPG companies like P&G and Unilever to finely target shoppers in their homes through online parcels such as GILT.com, Rue La la, etc.

Eva has experience launching ideas from 0 to 100 in a short time frame through her role in driving new revenue streams.

Eva has helped launch over 15 companies in the past 7 years, developing a framework that is now shared with founders so they can launch their company with a strategy that is inclusive of: design, marketing, community & finance.

We talk about

  • 🔥How to validate products using Facebook ads
  • 🔥LaunchPop’s venture studio approach
  • 🔥How LaunchPop turns entrepreneurial passion into products
  • 🔥The circumstances under which LaunchPop was launched
  • 🔥Eva nominates her co-founder (and breakdancer) Jane Lee as a future guest of the podcast

And more

How to get in touch with Eva and LaunchPop

Eva’s Notable Awards: EY Entrepreneur of the Year – Finalist in the Young and Emerging Category Forbes 2017 top 30 under 30, Marketing


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