Sam Schutte is Unstoppable

Sam Schutte is Unstoppable

Sam Schutte is the CEO of Unstoppable Software and the host of Unstoppable Talk Podcast. You can actually check out my episode of that podcast below.

Operating out of a traditional rust belt market of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Sam and the Unstoppable Team help traditional manufacturing and brick and other brick and mortar businesses modernize with digital products and software.

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In this episode we talk about

  • 🔥The challenges of recruiting talent in a traditional rust belt market
  • 🔥The sorts of problems Unstoppable helps solve
  • 🔥Is programming a fancy form of typing?
  • 🔥Sam nominates entrepreneur Brian Burke from as a future guest

How to get in touch with Sam

Our episode of Unstoppable on Building Digital Products Y using Salesforce to automate marketing, sales and support: