Scott Krauger Might Actually Be Changing the World

Scott Krauger Might Actually Be Changing the World

Scott Krauger is someone you likely do not know.

You should.

He is best known for Better Bottle, a luxury wine brand. He will likely be known for so much more in 10 years.

If you care about the environment, overcoming corona, are interested in the automated robotic future of shipping… then you will want to watch or listen to this episode of the Automate & Grow podcast.

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Introduced by Tim Alison of Screw The Naysayers, Scott Krauger is working on solving some rather large problems in an insanely revolutionary approach.

In this episode we talk about some of the things BeQuestTech is working on including but not limited to:

✅CHQR ID an identification system that utilizes 3D holographic codes

✅A tech that accelerates plant growth, vitamin content, & production ✅HIVE, a large format energy storage system

✅’FLASH’ imaging a hyperspectral imaging technology

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