Daryl Davis has convinced 200+ people to leave hate group KKK

Daryl Davis has convinced 200+ people to leave hate group KKK

My new friend Daryl Davis is a world class jazz, rhythm and blues piano player.

He has played with the likes of Chuck Berry, BB King and Bruce Hornsby in a career that has taken him across the U.S.A. and the world.

This conversation is 2 hours+

I hope that you as a viewer or listener will invest this time.

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Here is why:

You may also know Daryl from the Joe Rogan podcast where he talked about how through friendships formed, 200+ people have left the KKK.

This is an unusual and long episode that I hope you will learn from and take inspiration in a time of unrest.

Daryl shares:

  • ✅ How a childhood abroad shaped his world view
  • ✅ Returning to the USA as a kid impacted his experience on race
  • ✅ His take on George Floyd murder & perspective on protests, BLM
  • ✅ The importance of African Americans music
  • ✅ The arts are a cultural bridge between people
  • ✅ How conversations and friendship changed the minds of so many and more

Normally I keep episodes between 15-30 mins.

I think though Daryl offers a very honest and compelling viewpoint that will lead you to appreciate his insight and the tremendous value of curiosity.

It is this curiosity that we can all take away to be interested in and excited about learning about people and cultures different from our own.

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