Chad Bourquin teaches us to Dream Big

Chad Bourquin teaches us to Dream Big

The guest today on the Automate & Grow podcast was nominated by two other guests Bob Sager and Scott Krauger.

He is a musician who along with his brother form the country group Big Time Grain Company. He is also owner of a music booking service Bourquin Music + Media and Generation Relevant Entertainment. He is an investor in early stage ventures and a mindset and motivational speaker with the Dream Big series.

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In this episode we talk about

  • ⭐ How a band with a message inspired Chad to start playing guitar
  • ⭐ The role of coaches in Chad’s success
  • ⭐ Chad’s view on being open to new opportunities
  • ⭐ The importance of finding a zone of genius vs excellence
  • ⭐ How Chad learned how to book bands and 

Chad nominates his LinkedIn coach Monte Clark as a future guest

How to get in touch with Chad

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