Noam Weisman building the Uber of B2B Sales

Noam Weisman building the Uber of B2B Sales

My guest on Automate & Grow Noam Weisman helps B2B startup founders tackle the biggest single problem a new company faces. 

Imagine that you are a B2B startup founder.

Now imagine, you need sales.

So naturally you say “Lets hire a salesperson.”

You gotta train them, give them a CRM, some lists, a quota and then you hope…they bring in a few deals to cover the expense of it all.

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Or you can use Hunterz.

Noam and his co-founder have created the Uber of B2B selling, Hunterz

We talk about

  • 🔥 How Hunterz helps salespeople diversify their dependency on a job
  • 🔥 Why simply hiring salespeople is a huge problem
  • 🔥 How Hunterz is better than any paid marketing
  • 🔥 COVID’s impact on Hunterz and it’s growth
  • 🔥 Noam nominates two great guests for a future episode

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