Tzvia Bader Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment with A.I.

Tzvia Bader Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment with A.I.

Imagine you had a personal Artificial Intelligence that guided you through the most stressful time in your life

Tzvia Bader is the cofounder of Trialjectory which is an artificial intelligence (A.I.) that has already learned everything it can from the FDA Cancer database of conditions and treatments about 9 types of cancer.

This is one of my favorite episodes. Thank you to Noam Weisman for the nomination.

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The work Tzvia is doing is not only an amazing technological demonstration of how A.I. solves problems humans cannot easily, but it shows how A.I. can have a dramatically positive impact on our lives at a very, very critical moment in time.

We talk about

  • 🔥How A.I. helps cancer patients determine the best treatments
  • 🔥The role of Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • 🔥Can this model be applied to teaching & education
  • 🔥The future of digital A.I. driven medicine

And more

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