Indrani from Model to Iconic Photographer & Filmmaker.

Indrani from Model to Iconic Photographer & Filmmaker.

Indrani became a model so she could become a photographer. 

David Bowie mentored her and she has become a world class film maker.

She has helped launch the careers of Kanye West, Beyonce and Lady Gaga as the photographer for each of their first albums.

Indrani joins me to chat about her work and life on the Automate & Grow podcast.

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She wanted to talk more about Automation maybe than I did. Her work is so iconic that I thought everyone would love to learn more about

  • 🔥 The first time David Bowie called her 
  • 🔥 Why she decided to model 
  • 🔥 Her award winning work in film 
  • 🔥 The important themes of her work raising awareness of the exploitation of girls 

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