Ariel Garten Brings the World a Brain Sensing Meditation Muse

Ariel Garten Brings the World a Brain Sensing Meditation Muse

Muse is the brain sensing headband, and Ariel Garten is the co-founder of this game changing tool that I have personally been using for 2+ years now.

Ariel is a fellow Canadian. She is an artist, scientist and intellectual known for her work in integrating art and science.

She lectures about interdisciplinary neuroscience topics, such as “The Neuroscience of Morals”, “The Neuroscience of Molecular Gastronomy” and others, as well as psychotherapy and mental health.

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We talk about some really interesting topics related to brain computer interfaces and If we insert chips into the brains of healthy people, will we lose our humanity?

  • 🔥 What is muse
  • 🔥 How meditation became the killer app
  • 🔥 Elon Musk’s Neuralink
  • 🔥 We share some nostalgia for Canadiana and recognize the brilliance of Dr. Wilder Penfield

I am super excited about her guest nomination! I might actually interview a cyborg. Watch/listen to find out who it is.

I think the mission she shares with listeners is something that will help everyone.

How to get in touch with Ariel:

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