Dr. Paul Saladino is the Carnivore MD

Dr. Paul Saladino is the Carnivore MD

Dr.Paul Saladino is the author of the Carnivore Code and affectionately known as the Carnivore MD.

Dr. Paul is on a mission to spread the good news of the Animal Kingdom that red meat and organ meat based diets are extremely beneficial and preferred for humans.

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His research and stance on this is somewhat controversial for some reason… listen to learn more about

  • 🥩 The junk science behind anti-Red Meaters
  • 🥩 Planets are not your friend
  • 🥩 The benefits of organ meats
  • 🥩 How this diet helped Dr. Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson 
  • 🥩 Details on Dr. Paul’s new book 
  • 🥩 He nominates an excellent Keto Entrepreneur as a future guest

And more…

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