Matthew Hunt is the Wolf of Automation

Matthew Hunt is the Wolf of Automation

My guest today is an expert on automating the outreach activities of B2B  Businesses using LinkedIn.

Mathew Hunt is the founder of Automation Wolf. He has has built three profitable B2B companies in the last 13 on the back of smart marketing & sales. 

Hundreds of companies (large & small) have hired him to implement his marketing & sales strategies including RE/MAX, Valvoline, FedEx, Chef’s Plate, League & TouchBistro.

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Matthew believes that If he can do it, you can do it too!

We talk about:

  • 🐺Matthew’s mission to help entrepreneurs succeed faster with less burnout.
  • 🐺 How startups can avoid over-complicating their business
  • 🐺Why you should scale your sales & influence using automation 
  • 🐺Matthew nominates a great future guest

Matthew states that he is most proud of:

  • Caring about people
  • His curious nature
  • Being a ‘forever’ student
  • And that he has an attitude of gratitude

How to get in touch with Matthew:


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