Shawn Flynn is Chronicling The Journey of Silicon Valley

Shawn Flynn is Chronicling The Journey of Silicon Valley

My guest today Shawn Flynn is the host of the Silicon Valley Podcast.

Shawn was introduced to me by Tim Alison of Screw The Naysayers podcast.

Shawn is a virtual rolodex (old school talk for contact list) of Who’s Who in Silicon Valley.

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He is also the Head of Innovation for TechCode which is committed to building the world’s leading entrepreneurship ecosystem.

TechCode has established 24 incubators in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Gu’An, Silicon Valley, Boston, Seoul, Finland, Tel Aviv, and Berlin to help startups streamline their growth and expansion into new markets. Techcode has multiple business lines including incubator operation, startup acceleration, corporate innovation, and regional innovation.

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