Rahul Vohra is Making Us All Superhuman

Rahul Vohra is Making Us All Superhuman

Rahul Vohra is the founder and CEO of Superhuman. 

Rahul designs and invests in technology to improve email and software. His most successful companies to date are Superhuman and Rapportive. Superhuman helps people get through their Email Inbox twice as fast.

Superhuman has raised $51 Million from investors including Andreessen Horowitz, the original entrepreneur behind Netscape, the creator of the first commercial internet browser and email client.

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With a business named Superhuman you have to want to buy whatever they are selling right?

Well people in general seem to agree as Rahul and Superhuman tackle one of our biggest challenges in business. Email.

Customers are digitally lining up for the fastest email experience on the planet.

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In this episode we talk about

  • ✅ How Superhuman reimagines Google-esq product strategies
  • ✅ What it’s like having legendary investor Marc Andreessen on your board
  • ✅ Superhuman’s unique revenue model- hint, it’s not free (shocker)
  • ✅ The percentage of Superhuman users who reach Inbox Zero
  • ✅ Rahul’s formula to validate his product and ideas (hint 1000s of onboard calls)
  • ✅ Rahul nominates another Rahul (from Cohere) as a future guest aka R.G.S.

Rebuilt the inbox from the ground up to make you brilliant at what you do. We specifically designed it for those of you who want the best.

Superhuman is gorgeous. Blazingly fast. And comes with advanced features that make you feel superhuman. A.I. Triage. Undo Send. Insights from social networks. Follow-up Reminders, Scheduled Messages, and Read Statuses. To name but a few.

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