Rahul G. Sengottuvelu

Rahul G. Sengottuvelu

My guest today Rahul G Sengottuvelu was nominated by- another Rahul. He is therefore the second entrepreneur named Rahul to be a guest and we are excited to talk to him about his startup cohere.

After being an intern for the legendary Rahul Vohra at Superhuman- (the zero-inbox email startup with Marc Andreessen on its board) RGS as he is referred to, was accepted by the infamous Ycombinator to kick start cohere.

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cohere is billed as the easiest way to support and onboard users. Cohere allows startups to instantly see what their users are doing in real time, and guide them with shared cursors, scrolling, and typing.

In this episode we talk about:

🔥 What it was like working at Superhuman

🔥 What his biggest takeaways were from being a y combinator graduate

🔥 His off the record interaction with AirBNB founder

🔥 The one book that Rahul recommends (hint: it is about Steve Jobs)

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