Dan Englander How to Customize B2B Sales Outreach

Dan Englander How to Customize B2B Sales Outreach

My guest on the Automate & Grow podcast is Dan Englander.

Dan is the CEO and Founder of SalesSchema, a fractional business team for marketing agencies. Prior to founding Sales Schema, Dan was the first employee and Head of New Business at IdeaRocket.

In addition to helping agencies grow, Dan has made a name for himself as the host of The Digital Agency Growth Podcast and the author of Mastering Account Management and The B2B Sales Blueprint. 

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We talk about

🚀 The role of Marketing Automation Tools in B2B Outreach in 2021

🚀 The one book Dan suggests that we all read

(The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield)

🚀 The five people Dan spends the most time with

🚀 Dan nominates a great guest (Jimmy Rose)

And more…

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