Dan Burcaw Monetizing Digital Products with Subscriptions

Dan Burcaw Monetizing Digital Products with Subscriptions

My guest today is serial entrepreneur Dan Burcaw. 

Dan has founded four companies each on the forefront of a major technology wave: open source software, the smartphone, cloud computing, and now machine learning.

At age 17, he wrote software that ended up on the US Navy nuclear submarine fleet. 

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He founded and exited two companies in the mobile space which built and powered mobile applications for major professional sports leagues, news broadcasters, and airlines.

He now leads Nami ML, a company focused on helping app developers start and grow mobile subscription businesses.

We talk about

🚀 How Nami uses machine learning to accelerate subscription revenue. 

🚀 The one book Dan suggests that we all read 

🚀 The five people he spends the most time with

🚀 Dan nominates a great future guest – Ty Braswell!

And more…

How to contact Dan


Nami ML www.NamiML.com

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