Ty Braswell is leading Digital Innovation with Creativity

Ty Braswell is leading Digital Innovation with Creativity

My guest today is digital entrepreneur Ty Braswell

Ty describes himself as a Creative Digital Strategist whose career has been an eclectic journey working with a variety of startups and Fortune 100 companies and advertising. Brilliant, award-winning Brand Storytelling content is an essential strategy to connect and engage today’s consumer audiences. 

Creative Digital Strategies is a consulting resource to help brands, publishers and tech companies with business development expertise, digital audience engagement, brand storytelling strategies, and mobile marketing.

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We talk about

πŸš€ How digital disruption continues to change the landscape of marketing

πŸš€ The one book Ty suggests that we all read 

πŸš€ The five people he spends the most time with

πŸš€ Ty nominates filmmaker Paul Jun as a future guest!

And more…

How to contact Ty

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which redirects to  https://creativedigitalstrategies.com/


Book I recommended: 


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