Syscoin Founders set me straight on BlockChain and Crypto

Syscoin Founders set me straight on BlockChain and Crypto

This is a lost interview@ #doge #syscoin #btc with two of the cofounders of Syscoin and BlockChain Foundry 

After thinking this along with a bunch of other early interviews were lost, the files were recovered.

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Jagdeep Sidhu and Sebastien Schepis are pioneers in the blockchain ecosystem including Sebastien having some involvement with the early development of Kitty Coin #kittycoin a meme response to the recently popular #Doge coin.

In this episode we get insight into the Syscoin fork from Bitcoin technology

Sebastien has since moved on to other ventures but the first hand insight from these crypto luminaries is terrific 

We discuss

₿ How Syscoin improves performance upon Bitcoin Crypto networks

₿ The role of fungible and interest bearing tokens

₿ Smart Contracts

₿ How bitcoin miners get free Syscoin

₿ We talk about how Syscoin and BlockChain Foundry are changing the world

₿ Jag and Sebastian nominate two amazing guests :

✅ Vitalik Buterin the founder of Ethereum and 

✅ Bitcoin Unlimited Developer Andrew Stone

#crypto #blockchain #btc #doge #kittycoin

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